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Entrust any of your wishes for a luxury trip to us!

A private jet, renting an island or a castle, buying tickets for an event, organizing shopping with a stylist, luxury real estate abroad, obtaining visas – do not limit yourself in your desires!

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Tailor-made trips

Conventionality kills uniqueness, so turnkey tailor-made travel is our own aesthetic, which we strongly recommend to our clients and partner agencies.

In RaiSky, we understand you perfectly. Do not bother to write long letters with wishes for a vacation:

we know about your high travel standards. Limit yourself to personal preferences such as organic cuisine, the brand and color of the transfer vehicle, or the type of yacht for a Sunday cruise. However, you just need to send a photo or video of the place where you want to go, the date and number of people – and we will prepare a travel program.

Our work is not only about your flight and hotel accommodation, because during your trip you may want to book an excursion with an experienced guide, book a table at a recommended restaurant, organize a golf tournament with friends…. In RaiSky, we are ready to fulfill your current and sudden wishes. Your journey ends for us when you return home.

Rental of islands, villas, chalets and castles

Once upon a time, villas and castles were the homes of kings, nobility and servants, and now they have become a luxury abode for those who prefer history, tradition, privacy and luxury. The interiors of the castles have retained their former decoration: art galleries, antique furniture, antiques, chandeliers, vases, knightly armor and bear skins.

And next door are iPhone stations, acoustics from Bang & Olufsen, Wi-Fi, TVs and air conditioners. Outside the window, cows with bells on their necks walk through the meadows, sports cars are parked in the yard instead of horses, and a yacht is moored at the pier instead of a boat. Live like a king.

Do you need a whole island? Sir Richard Branson, owner of Necker Island in the Caribbean, David Copperfield, owner of Musha Cay in Copperfield Bay, and François Nars, owner of Motu Thane, in the Pacific, are invited to have fun on their islands by renting them out. And RaiSky will help you arrange all the moments of organizing fun.

Yacht charter

Sailing or motor, 10 or 100 meters, with a swimming pool on board or you will jump into the sea from the side – it’s not so important. What matters is what you need for the perfect trip. Breathtaking landscapes, every possible comfort on a yacht, or both? After all, you can visit a huge number of impressive places, or you can just stay on board to relax, because some yachts, having a cinema, a swimming pool, a restaurant, a spa complex, themselves resemble cities.

What do you think? Where shall we go? Greece, Italy, Norway or something more exotic?

Give us a call a couple of weeks before your trip and we will take care of the size and type of yacht, itinerary and secret bays.

Private aviation, ordering VIP lounges and Fast track services at world airports

The world is huge only at first glance. ParadiseSky makes sure that you get to the desired place a little faster than it seems possible. We offer you access to 50,000 aircraft on any continent and no restrictions on time, geography of flights and their type.

Order a plane at any time of the day and anywhere – we will always fulfill your order.
Our partner offices operate on every continent. We know the specifics of local markets, which allows us to choose the right aircraft for a specific task on time and at a good price.

Arrive at the airport 15 minutes before departure and skip the line at passport control to board your private jet. However, if you are late for your flight, we will try to change the departure time.
If you choose regular flights and want your long-awaited vacation to start at the airport, RaiSky offers accommodation in VIP lounges and Fast Track service.

This will save your time, get rid of the queue during registration, immigration and customs control. At the airport, a personal assistant will meet you, park your car, unload your luggage, help you check in and do everything for your comfortable boarding.

Purchase of luxury real estate

Buying luxury real estate abroad is a privilege available to the elite.

How many flattering reviews you will hear – a great investment, prestige, a great choice! And we will recommend the best options and help with all the nuances during the purchase. But what to choose?

Perhaps a house near Lake Como, a penthouse in the Canary Islands, a villa on one of the Greek islands, or the most expensive home on the Cote d’Azur? It all depends on your imagination and preferences, although… You will love any of these options, as we only recommend a selected product.

Concierge service

The concierge is your best friend when traveling. Reliable performer of complex and important tasks. Or rubbish. He can do everything, and sometimes a little more. Concierge service from RaySky is help in any place of your stay. We’ll try to get opera tickets when they’re out of stock. We will help you rent a villa and find the best cook, gardener or nanny in the region for it. We will find a lawyer or notary to agree on the details of the transaction. We will try to deliver your favorite Tuscan wine to Crete, and if necessary, from Tuscany itself.

Or maybe you need a medical concierge? What is the best tanning scrub this year? Who is an excellent hydrotherapist in Switzerland? Who cuts actresses’ hair in Paris? Where are the best places for yoga in Portugal? Where to find oriental spa techniques in western resorts? And what about a good Western clinic in Asian countries?

No matter how difficult, unrealistic or eccentric your desire may seem, we will try to fulfill it. For the sake of such tasks we also work.

We deliberately take on complex and important requests, because they are interesting to work with. It’s expensive, but we bring the desire to the result. Each client is assigned a personal manager who is available around the clock. Not a robot or an answering machine, but a professional who solves questions. There are no time limits.

Luxury car rental

Impressions of the new city begin on the way from the airport to the hotel. To enhance the effect, we offer transfers in business class cars. The driver will meet you with a name plate and a greeting in your native language, help you carry your luggage and lead you through the terminal to the car. Favorite brand of car, drinks, snacks and music – on the spot, as ordered.

We offer premium cars for any purpose and desire. Bentley – for a visit to a restaurant, Land Rover – for going to the mountains or hunting, an Aston Martin convertible is suitable for leisurely trips along the Riviera, and Lamborghini – for driving a race with a business partner. We coordinate the color, body and melody of the horn in advance.

Organization of individual excursion programs

A tour is a small trip within a big trip. Unless, of course, you are going on a tour of the Grand Canyon. In any case, it is necessary to prepare for it in advance and no less carefully than for a trip.

Visit a Nutella distillery, see elephants in the Serengeti park, meet local natives, spend an unforgettable evening on a yacht on the Nile, or visit the headquarters of one of the most famous whiskey producers?

Forget about boring monotonous stories. Each excursion is an art and depending on your needs and preferences, we will select an unforgettable experience and a guide who will reveal for you a completely new experience that you will want to share with others with joy and delight.

In addition, we know the price of privacy and understand that sometimes you just want to disappear for everyone: colleagues, the press, friends. So that no one knows what country you are in, what flight you are flying on and what hotel you are staying at. So that your name is not in any database, it is practically a trip of a secret agent.

It sounds unrealistic, but we can do it. Do not hesitate – the secrecy stamp will not affect the high level of comfort of the entire trip.

MICE (organization of field work conferences, business trips, team building)

Are you planning a work conference or team building? Practice shows that holding such events outside the usual environment is several times more effective.

We know all the secrets of organizing such trips. Just imagine: the first half of the day – the solution of important issues, the second – complete relaxation on the sea / ocean or active recreation for the sake of getting a new experience.

However, in the arsenal of ParadiseSky there are more than a dozen ideas that you want to implement on a trip. Just try it and see how happy and inspired your partners or colleagues will be.

Gift card

“Life while traveling is a dream in its purest form,” emphasized Agatha Christie. With ParadiseSky, you can give a dream without leaving your home. Travel to Vienna for parents celebrating their golden wedding; a romantic trip to the Seychelles for a friend who just got married; weekend in Paris for her to propose.

Call us — we will make your dream come true with a special signature of ParadiseSky quality: we will build a travel route, write a program and think over everything to your favorite little things for your loved ones. Traveling with a gift card is a surprise that everyone will appreciate.

Implementing Unusual Requests

Traveling, without exaggeration, is one of the best events that happens to us in life. And life is one. So why not use each such event to the maximum, to your pleasure?

Moreover, it is difficult for us to tell you “it is impossible”.

If you are already flying to Mykonos, then why not, in addition to luxurious bars and amazing photo shoots, not spend the night in a mill hotel – you can say the place that personifies the island? Or, having gone to Africa, not to stop by “for coffee” with the inhabitants of the tribe? Or not participate in excavations in Spain, like Indiana Jones?

You can do everything. And even more. Just let us know and we will find ways to realize your wildest wishes.

We take care of all

RaiSky Travel Concierge is a premium travel company that has been providing services for the most demanding clients of our country for more than 5 years. We collect your wishes and organize everything at the highest level, so that you don’t think about organizational issues for a minute, but calmly relax or solve your own business.

We determine your wishes and preferences

Coordination of all services and services of the future trip.

We make booking and payment for all services

Payment in any form convenient for you. We, in turn, provide 100% confirmation of sending the payment.

We make an individual offer

Program development according to your personal requirements.

We prepare and issue a package of documents

Preparation and issuance of all necessary documents.

We approve the travel program

Making the necessary additions and final approval of the program.


Assistance in completing all formalities, we accompany and control the program, as well as the provision and quality of all booked services at all stages of your journey until your return home. If necessary, we provide additional services and services.

Any comfortable for you way
A unique offer considering to your individual preferences
Travel of any complexity anywhere in the world
Solves the whole range of problems even not related to travel ones.
With a 10+ years experience

Advantages of our company

Specialization in premium products

Our concierges specialize in selling niche – premium products

Individual approach

We make a travel program anywhere in the world in accordance with your individual wishes.

Best is fair value

We analyze all the offers on the market and select only the most profitable options.


We work with trusted service providers without intermediaries, which guarantees safety and high quality.


Guaranteed safety of any information about tourists at all stages of cooperation.

Support 24/7

Customer support, 24/7 resolves any issues.

Our office



I am grateful to the company for such a quality service! In this office you are a VIP guest. The most individual approach. We solved our rather complicated travel issue in a matter of minutes with the words ‘Don’t worry, we’ll arrange everything now’.

Thank you for a great trip, service and such care! Will definitely contact again!


Luxury class service. Stylish office. Interesting offers.


I won’t rant, but I’ll just say “wow!”. Guys, to organize absolutely everything in 2 days and with such requirements, honestly, I’m still in shock! Thank you very much, next time only to you.


Your company organized a wonderful trip for my manager. For me, you were like a lifesaver. Thank you for taking into account all the nuances, that you endured, that you offered so many options that you recommended. I can continue the list endlessly. Thank you!

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