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Olympic Games
Paris, France
July 26 - August 11, 2024

There are many tasks and all of them must be performed at the highest level: the lighting and movement of the Olympic flame, colorful opening and closing ceremonies, theatrical performances, the solemn passage of the Olympic participants and, of course, the competition itself.

Wimbledon Championships
London, UK
July 1 - July 14, 2024

The Wimbledon Tennis Tournament is the most prestigious and oldest tennis tournament in the world, held every July in London.

Cirque du Soleil
the whole world
whole year

Choose your show and experience an unforgettable show from the world’s best entertainment team

Venice Film Festival
Venice, Italy
August 28 - September 7, 2024

This glamorous event, held on the island of Lido, has become a much-anticipated event on social calendars around the world. With its stunning setting and rich heritage dating back to 1932, the festival truly stands out from other global events.

Monaco Yacht Show
September 25 - September 28, 2024

Monaco Yacht Show has been promoting creative excellence in the world of superyachting since 1991. Visit the Superyacht Show of the Year available for charter and purchase

Burning Man
Nevada, USA
August 25 - September 02, 2024

A 9-day holiday full of incredible sculptures, people, clothes and experiences is guaranteed at this famous festival

Feast of Tomatina
Valencia, Spain
August 28, 2024

If you want unusual sensations or spectacles – welcome to the fun and very famous “battle” of tomatoes

Oktoberfest 2024
Munich, Germany
21 September - 06 October 2024

Become an eyewitness to a large-scale celebration and enjoy the famous intoxicating drink

Qatar Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe
Paris, France
October 05 - October 06, 2024

The most prestigious in France and in the whole of Europe, haircuts on thoroughbred riding horses

The day of the Dead
November 2, 2024

Papier-mâché skeletons, colorful costumes and skull-painted faces. You will never forget these days!

Sky lantern festival

A spectacle that touches the most delicate strings of the soul

Diwali festival in India
October 29 - November 03, 2024

One of the most popular holidays in India. Like Holi, it symbolizes “the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance”

Feast of Beaujolais Nouveau
Beaujolais, France
November 21, 2023

Go to a special wine tasting in the Beaujolais region to enjoy the taste of a young drink and the event itself

Chinese New Year
January 29, 2025

Become an eyewitness of a bright amazing event of the Celestial Empire, 2 weeks long

Easter in Corfu
Corfu, Greece
April 20, 2025

Since Easter is celebrated here, it is not celebrated anywhere else in the world! Become an eyewitness to these amazing events

Masquerade Ball at the Château de Versailles
Versailles, France
June, 2024

What will be the theme for 2024? But there will definitely be an unusual mixture of genres that promises to make the night unforgettable.

Offer your hand and heart to your soulmate in the most impressive corners of the planet!
Celebrate your birthday in a villa on one of the Greek islands with sea and sunset views
Bachelorette party in Ibiza. Spend those unforgettable days on a yacht
Hangover. We promise it will be more interesting than in the famous movie!
Wedding abroad: we have for you a whole 100 and 1 ideas for organizing an unforgettable holiday
Gender Party in Dubai - find out the gender of a child in an unusual way in a luxurious emirate
Birthday of a child: give a delightful holiday to your child
Christmas in Strasbourg: visit the fabulous place, the capital of this holiday
New Years in New York. Feel like a movie hero in a famous metropolis
March 8 in delightful Paris in a hotel with a view of the Eiffel Tower!
Valentine's Day in Italy: visit the most romantic locations together
Experience speedriding on the slopes of the Alps
Skydiving and landing on skis. Ready to experience this kind of fun?
Hot air balloon flight over the pyramids in Mexico
Amazing historical buildings from a bird's eye view
Diving at the North Pole
Immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience by diving into the waters of the Arctic Ocean
Diving with sharks in the Caribbean
Unleash the thrill!
Dog sled racing in Alaska
Feel like a movie character as you race on the snowy tracks of Alaska with specially trained dogs
Ride on a retro train in Africa
Life is a journey - pops up in your head when you look out the window at the amazing places of Africa with a cup of tea in a stylish retro train
Breakfast with natives in the Amazon jungle
Why, with all the available civilization, do these people continue their “wild” way of life? Learn firsthand at breakfast
Jump into a volcano in Chile
One of the most picturesque and dangerous places on the planet where you can take a jump is Araucania in Chile. Here you will quickly forget about the daily routine
A space flight
Tourist flights into space openly. Are you ready to see our planet from a height from which only a few (with the exception of astronauts) have seen it?
Trip to North Korea
The forbidden attracts. Look from the inside to a country ruled by a dictatorship. I wonder what experience you will return home with?
Climbing an active volcano
The job is not for the faint of heart. But imagine the views
Bridge jump in New York
One, two, three... Step into space. Adrenaline and the feeling that you have reset to zero. Sometimes this is what is so necessary ... Especially in one of the most famous locations
US tornado hunting
Dangerous, but very interesting element. Learn more about her at one of the famous tornado locations.
Zipline to Dubai
From one end to the other on the world's longest urban thrill ride
Cycling on the road of death in Bolivia
Dangerous turns, cliffs, but a lot of adrenaline and amazing shots!
Survival on a desert island in Polynesia
Test yourself for strength by going to a desert island for a week, where you will have to look for food and housing on your own
Travel around the world in a private jet
Would you like to see the whole world by touring around it like in a famous movie? No problem! We will create an itinerary for you according to your wishes.
Walking the Path of Death in China
The 30-meter trail is located on a sheer cliff at a height of several hundred meters and consists of 3-4 boards fastened together and laid along the mountain
Try fugu in Japan
Fugu fish is a world-famous Japanese delicacy, famous not only for its exquisite taste, but also for talk about its mortal danger.
Favela Walk in Rio de Janeiro
Another way to tickle your nerves is to take a walk in the areas of Rio with high crime and almost no infrastructure.
Jet flight
Feel like a pilot by trying to control the flight yourself
Visit Alcatraz
Visit a former maximum security federal penitentiary and learn its secrets
Drive around the Formula 1 circuit in Germany
Arrange races on the track, where famous professional racers test their strength in the famous world championship
Ride the wing of an airplane
An unusual activity that will raise your adrenaline levels in the blood even before the start
Ride the longest cable car in the world
The Hon Tom cable car connects two Vietnamese islands - Hon Thom and the famous tourist Phu Quoc. Most of it passes over the sea
Swim in the hole in Finland
It is said that immersion in cold water gives the body a huge benefit. Who are we not to suggest getting better?
Skydive over the Palm in Dubai
I wonder what emotions will be more: from the jump or from the landscape you see?
Go down to the devil's lair in Florida in the USA
Experience one of North America's most ancient prehistoric sites
Attend a 6-Day Sugar Marathon in Morocco
Feel like a real Bedouin and experience amazing emotions under the open starry sky
Journey in a plastic sphere on the slopes of New Zealand
Have fun rolling in a huge ball on the green slopes
Scuba diving in New Zealand
Under the water, out of the water, under the water, out of the water. It seems to be even cooler than racing
Participation in the naturist race in Spain
Hm. A place where you can relax and just have fun (if, of course, you welcome this)
Dive to the sunken Titanic
Touch the legend... An amazing feeling when you see this sunken historical ship with your own eyes
Swing at the end of the world in Ecuador
Flying over the abyss with an amazing view, you understand how amazing the world around you is
Take a ride on the largest Ferris wheel in the world
… and enjoy the panorama of one of the richest regions in the Middle East
Fly in a helicopter over Paris
Seems like the perfect place to propose
Have a drink at a panoramic bar in Thailand
Vertigo & Moon Bar. Lounge music, night lights of Bangkok from a bird's eye view... what could be more romantic?
Bungee jump over the gorge above Victoria Falls
Wow, there will be enough adrenaline! Don't forget to capture it on video
Visit the Firefly Cave
How beautiful it is! A place where once again you are surprised by the charms of the planet Earth
And that's just a drop in the ocean...
Compared to the ideas we have! Leave your contact number and we will find the best one for you!


Perhaps the first place on the list for visiting Orthodox Christians. In Israel, there are many routes to sacred places


From Mount Athos and far-sighted monks there to the island of Corfu with the relics of St. Spyridon Trimifuntsky – in Greece, every corner of the country is the guardian of Orthodoxy


Many great shrines of the Orthodox world will leave a big mark on the soul. And if you combine all this with the hospitality of the people themselves, you will get one of the most emotional trips in your life


A place where both Catholics and Orthodox come on pilgrimage. The place where many common Christian apostles and saints who lived before the separation of the churches are buried


The most important country of sacred history. The bank of the Jordan River, where the Prophet and Forerunner John preached and baptized the Savior Himself, is also located here

Saudi Arabia

For any Muslim to get to Mecca and Medina is a holy thing. Here the soul of a Muslim feels special reverence

Corfu, Greece

Private villa with pool, panoramic sea and sky views. In between work – swimming in the pool and traveling around the island.

Malaga, Spain

The southern part of Spain attracts travelers with excellent weather and the opportunity to explore many different locations nearby, including Gibraltar

Bali, Indonesia

It seems that there is no other place that stimulates you to work for the result as much as Bali. Here ideas and plans seem to be born already with an application for success

Melbourne, Australia

A big city, conducive to remote work. Security, healthcare, infrastructure – everything here seems to be created in order to live and work away from home

Hawaiian Islands

By the way, many of Google’s remote workers work from the Hawaiian Islands. The climate, the atmosphere of happiness and relaxation helps to enjoy every action

Dubai, UAE

Another place where the business community is teeming. It’s nice to work here and see the results. And if you take into account the successful environment with which you will converge in 90%, you can count on new beginnings

Copenhagen, Denmark

Here you should feel the very art of “hyugg”, when the weather is gray outside the window, but at the same time incredible comfort, pretty streets and warm people

Valencia, Spain

Bright, beautiful, with a mood that is difficult to convey. Stunning modern architecture, white sand beaches, gastronomic heritage and more

Verona, Italy

Write a letter to Juliet and get ready for true love. Museums, palaces, castles – everything is saturated with the medieval spirit to this day

Batumi, Georgia

A city on the seashore, which is being built up at a frantic pace and attracts more and more tourists. It’s calm, delicious – this is the perfect place to reboot for 2-3 days

Bavaria, Germany

Enjoy one of the most distinctive regions of Germany, sitting by the lake, exploring ancient castles, architectural sites, drinking real Bavarian hoppy and just turning off all thoughts for a couple of days

Istanbul, Türkiye

Apart from the historical significance of this city, Istanbul is a place where you can eat deliciously, walk beautifully, explore the traditions and culture of the country (the best restaurants, baths, exclusive excursions in premium class cars, etc.)

Rome, Italy

Pasta, pizza, gelato, lasagna, ravioli, limoncello – the list is endless. It is not in vain that Italian cuisine occupies the first world lines from year to year

Tbilisi, Georgia

Ah, wonderful Georgia! Well, here it is impossible to resist delicious khinkali, fragrant and soft khachapuri, meat seasoned with fragrant sauce and a number of other no less tasty dishes!

Athens, Greece

Mediterranean cuisine is a special treat. Well, how can you refuse it? By the way, in addition to taste, it is also useful! Do not forget to try seafood and traditional dishes such as souvlaki, moussaka, sweet loukoumades, etc.

Tokyo, Japan

And if you are a fan of Asian cuisine, then Japanese delicacies are the best choice. By the way, it is here that the world-famous puffer fish is prepared. Why not try it?

Paris, France

If we talk about sophistication in cooking, France takes the lead in this matter. No wonder it holds the record for the most Michelin-starred restaurants

Cancun, Mexico

This is a mixture of ancient Aztec, Indian and Spanish cuisines. The composition of the national dishes of Mexico includes products such as meat, legumes, vegetables, cereals, seafood and corn. And it’s very tasty. Especially if dishes with peppercorns


Israel’s medical field is one of the world’s leading in terms of development. About 50,000 patients from abroad come to the country every year


The rich and famous prefer Germany as one of the countries for medical tourism for its technology and the professionalism of doctors. There are many different clinics that will help solve the problem


Life expectancy in Switzerland is one of the highest in the world. This was made possible thanks to the professionalism of Swiss doctors and special attention to diagnostics.


The USA is one of the countries that boasts the world’s best clinics with the latest equipment. For this, tourists from all over the world come here. A popular service for traveling to the United States under medical tourism programs is also the birth of a child.


There are 12 clinics and other medical institutions that have received JCI accreditation. All of them offer the highest quality services. Health care in the country is carried out both in public and private clinics, where the quality and comfort of the services provided are equally high.


Treatment in England is based on a collegial approach, where a group of medical experts specialized in their respective fields collaborate and make important decisions together. In complex cases, lengthy discussions are held to reach a general consensus.

Dead Sea, Israel

In addition to its impressive natural beauty, this endorheic salt lake has long been recognized for its healing properties

COMO Shambhala Retreat, Балі

A wide range of massage treatments, as well as a well-known detox program that allows you to cleanse the body in 7-10 days. Here you will feel like in paradise

Six Senses Kaplankaya 5*, Bodrum

When choosing a place closer, be sure to take a closer look at this SPA. As part of your stay, you will also have access to a Finnish sauna, a crystal steam room, hydrotherapy pools, a salt grotto, and even an ice needle designed to stimulate circulation and oxygen uptake

The Retreat Costa Rica, Costa Rica

The goal was to create a Costa Rican version of “heaven on earth”, which in this case means a wellness center nestled deep in the rainforest. Boca Dulce Restaurant has outdoor seating with mountain views and all meals are free of gluten, dairy and refined sugar

Ananda, Himalayas

You cannot come closer to nirvana than Ananda in the Himalayas, which is located in the foothills of the Indian Himalayas, not far from the birthplace of yoga, meditation and Ayurveda. Ayurvedic and aromatherapy treatments are available, as well as a huge SPA with 24 treatment rooms, which guarantees a revitalizing experience

Lefay Resort & SPA Dolomiti, Italian Alps

The spa is as spacious as it is stunning, with indoor and outdoor pools, an icy waterfall and a heated saltwater lake, and nine saunas with varying temperature and humidity levels. And all this in the middle of the amazing Alps

Milan, Italy

Visit the world famous indoor shopping gallery Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. Buy new branded items, drink a cup of coffee at Gucci Cafe, take a couple of photos for memory and the trip can be considered a success

Paris, France

Heading to the capital of fashion, visit the famous, one of the most prestigious department stores in the world, Galeries Lafayette, as well as the first department store in Paris, Le Bon Marché, where the interiors delight with their chic, and in the atmosphere you can see works of modern art and furniture of past centuries

London, England

While in the third capital of fashion, bypass these places: Liberty, Harrods, John Lewis (Oxford Street), Harvey Nichols, Selfridges. In these places, you can feel the atmosphere of England itself, and during the Christmas holidays you completely drown in pleasure, walking along these famous places

New York, USA

In the heart of Manhattan, an incredible touch of luxury awaits at the prestigious Saks Fifth Avenue department store. Here you can plunge into the world of exquisite collections from the world’s most famous brands. We also recommend checking out Bergdorf Goodman

Los Angeles

Here, among the palm groves and the glare of Hollywood lights, you will find a unique journey through high fashion and exclusive boutiques. Your first stop is a true shopping mecca on Rodeo Drive. Then, don’t miss out on luxury department stores like Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdale’s and the famous Melrose Avenue, where luxury and style permeate every corner

Dubai, UAE

The unrivaled Dubai Mall – a gigantic mall with a staggering array of stores – is every shopaholic’s dream. Here you will find exclusive boutiques of world famous designers. Shopping center “Dubai Marina Mall”, located on the coast and offering the most sophisticated and luxurious brands. And of course, visit the paradise for jewelers – Dubai Gold and Diamond Park


The UAE is one of the most economically developed and stable regions in the world. Favorable business climate, high income levels and low taxes attract international investors


The main advantage when purchasing real estate here is the golden visa, which allows foreign investors to obtain residence permits and privileges in the country and citizenship by investment programs


A villa in Greece, a house or perhaps a hotel is the best investment. Demand for this destination is growing every year, attracting more and more travelers from all over the world


A stable economy and the real estate market in general, a high standard of living, an attractive climate and nature are a great choice! Malta also offers citizenship and residency programs through real estate investment

New York, USA

One of the main financial centers of the world, where many banks, stock exchanges and large financial institutions are concentrated. This creates a favorable environment for business and investment

London, England

Multinational city, one of the world’s leading financial and business centers. It attracts many international companies and provides a wide range of opportunities. Investing in real estate in London can be attractive in the long run

Dubai, UAE

Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Dubai International Financial Center, Burj Al Arab, Atlantis The Palm, JW Marriott Marquis Hotel and others. These hotels usually have a high level of service and amenities for guests

Frankfurt, Germany

Messe Frankfurt (Frankfurt Messe), Congress Center Kappelsmuhle (Kap Europa), hotels Frankfurt Marriott Hotel, Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof, Jumeirah Frankfurt and others. Business institutions TechQuartier, The Squaire and Frankfurt School of Finance & Management


Marina Bay Sands, Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre, Resorts World Sentosa (Sentosa Island), National University of Singapore Society (NUSS), Raffles Hotel, Marina Mandarin Singapore, Shangri-La Hotel Singapore and others

Brussels, Belgium

When planning a business trip to Brussels, we recommend that you pay attention to these options: SQUARE Brussels Convention Centre, The Hotel Brussels, Brussels Expo, Le Plaza Brussels, BluePoint Brussels and others

Vienna, Austria

Austria Center Vienna, Hofburg Vienna, Vienna International Center, Palais Ferstel, Vienna Marriott Hotel, Hilton Vienna Plaza, Park Hyatt Vienna and others

Copenhagen, Denmark

In Copenhagen, you will love these venues: Bella Center Copenhagen, Tivoli Congress Center, Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Copenhagen Marriott Hotel, Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers

Safari in South Africa

Wildlife, adventure, luxury safari lodge with infinity pool, local culture… well, what could be more delightful away from home?

Релакс на о.Сент-Люсія

A Caribbean island where you rarely hear familiar speech. Here you will be distracted, enjoy the local beauties and hotel services and just rethink the state of affairs

Activities in New Zealand

This country offers so many goodies for those who do not like to sit still! Music festivals, rugby, tennis, mountain biking, kitesurfing, windsurfing, water skiing, sailing, kayaking, diving and snorkeling, skydiving or paragliding and more – you will not find anything here!

Paradise pleasure on the island of Moorea

Let’s just say that the road to this remote island of French Polynesia will take you a lot of time. But trust me, it’s worth it. Completely on the other side of the Earth, this paradise island will change you

Expedition to Antarctica

If it is quite far away, then there are many exciting expeditions. For example, the South Pole. In addition to the fact that you will have a rest from civilization, you will also get a wonderful experience

Live in the Sahara in Morocco

Luxurious glamping, starry night and traditional Moroccan food. Here there is music and dancing, here there are conversations or solitude. I want to erase everything and start again

Copal Tree Lodge, Belize

Nestled in the Maya Mountains of Punta Gorda, this luxurious lodge is surrounded by virgin rainforest. The eco-lodge owns a certified organic farm. 70% of the dishes in the restaurant menu are prepared from products grown on their own farm, the rest are purchased from local producers

Ulaman Eco Retreat, Bali

The resort invites you to immerse yourself in traditional Balinese culture and reconnect with nature without sacrificing comfort and luxury. Located half an hour from Canggu and Ubud. 11 guest villas with unusual curved roofs are built from bamboo and other natural materials. The hotel is powered by a hydro-turbine system fed by a waterfall

Bardessono Eco Resort and Spa, California

Located in Yountville, California, in the heart of the Napa Valley. This is one of the few LEED Platinum-certified hotels in the US. Wood and recycled steel were used for its construction. Designers practiced recycling of materials

Soneva Kiri Resort, Thailand

One of the most sophisticated secluded resorts in the world. Luxury is combined with sustainable design, and 34 spacious villas with ocean or bay views blend perfectly into the natural landscape. The houses are designed in traditional Thai style. Wood, stone and canvas were used as materials, and construction techniques were chosen with environmental protection in mind

Tierra Atacama Hotel & Spa, Chile

This eco-lodge is located in the Tierra Atacama Desert (one of the best places in the world for stargazing), in the heart of Tierra del Fuego. All 32 rooms offer breathtaking views of the Andes mountain range and the Licancabur volcano

Banyan Tree Mayakoba, Mexico

It is located on the territory of the Mayakoba private reserve (Yucatan Peninsula). Luxury villas stand between a white sandy beach and emerald mangroves. In the architecture and design of the villas, you can feel the spirit of the ancient culture and traditions of the Maya. Each home has a patio, landscaped garden, swimming pool and outdoor jacuzzi

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I don’t know about other destinations, but the Maldives guys made us luxurious! I usually sort out sentences, but here they hit the mark the first time. Of course, we also considered other hotels, but it was the first one that was remembered so that we didn’t see anything besides it :) Well, in terms of service, travel tips, and pleasant bonuses in the country, we were very happy!
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