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Where to fly in 2 hours

Everything happens in life: sometimes you need to find yourself in another country after a few hours. If such a need arises, let us know and we will fulfill your request. We will find a private plane, deliver a car to your home and put on a playlist with your favorite music. We will approve the menu on the way to the hotel. We have already done so.

And during the trip, the most spontaneous ideas can be born. Urgently fly to the match of your favorite team in the neighboring region or divide into two groups and play your own, going to the training fields of Malta or Cyprus; change the restaurant (and at the same time the island) for the whim of your beloved by ordering a private jet from Corfu to Santorini; fly up to the volcano by helicopter and look into its mouth; play the best friend by stealing the bride from the wedding and taking her to a nearby island – we will take care of your wish.
From your side – spontaneous ideas, from our side – operational organization.
Life is about moments

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