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About RaiSky

RaiSky is a travel company specializing in luxury travel and services. We help people get the vacation they want. At RaiSky, we don’t just sell tours to expensive hotels and expensive resorts. Booking the Four Seasons in the Maldives is not difficult. It can be done without us. It is much more difficult to satisfy unexpected and daring wishes during vacation or to solve the issues that have arisen. We will help you rent a table for two at a restaurant on a nearby island. Or book a restaurant for a celebration just for your company. Or, maybe even rent an island for a week for solitude in your own thoughts. We are needed for such wishes.

An individual approach is not just an expensive tour, but attention to details, responsibility and results.

We will help you find and rent a villa, castle or island, yacht and Ferrari. We will order a VIP lounge at the airport and the Fast Track service. We will help you fly in 2 hours and organize an individual excursion program. We will book a room in a verified hotel. We will assign you a personal manager 24/7.

Our clients are people who are often experienced in traveling: they have visited many countries, they are able to distinguish a good hotel from cosmetics in the bathroom, and they know first-class resorts by heart. We also help when the client does not yet know what he wants. RaiSky is a solution to current, often spontaneous, unpredictable and even daring wishes.

The customer above all else. Our client has different moods, emotions, life situations, we accept any of his moods. Even in difficult situations for the client, we listen to get all the information on request and make sure that he is satisfied. The main thing is to solve the client’s problem. All information about the tour remains within the company.

RaiSky deliberately takes on complex and important requests, because it is interesting to work with them. Sometimes it is expensive, but we make our wishes come true. If at 3 o’clock in the morning you have a desire to change your picture and fly out of the country – call – we will do it before morning. We will find a private plane, deliver a car to your home and put on a playlist with your favorite music. We have already done so.

We bring your wishes to fruition.

If the hotel cannot offer any service and solve your question, let us know – RaiSky will do it. We offer our tour operator product. RaiSky knows well the countries and resorts it sells. We lived and worked in them, we know the language, culture, people and know each other about gastronomy.

We offer favorable prices, which are often lower than on popular booking sites and hotel sites. RaiSky concludes direct contracts with DMC companies and leading hotel chains, so it provides optimal options for accommodation in hotels at favorable prices. We have expensive tours, but at a good price. We use personalized service as a competitive advantage and strive to satisfy even the unspoken wishes of our customers.

We will be glad to help you.


RaiSky team.

Our advantages

We take care of your trip as if we were going on it ourselves

Impeccable service

We call only at a time convenient for you, we always answer your calls

Round the clock support 365/24/7

Selected trips. For those who are used to settling for the best

Premium travel segment

We love and know well what we offer you


Which helps to understand: growth is a desire for perfection

Many years of experience

It’s time to fulfill all your whimsical and unrealistic desires

Personal management

As in the best secret agent movies

Strict confidentiality

The golden fund of classical directions and today’s trends

Exclusive offers

Наша команда

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Head of IT Department
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Head of Maldives, Seychelles and Mauritius Departments
Kateryna Myroliubova
Head of UAE & Africa Departments
Lyudmila Tarapon
Orest Shepetiuk
Polina Stepanchuk
IT manager
Tetiana Klikh
Head of Turkey Department
Yana Romanovskaya




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