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Villas, chalets and castles for rent

Once upon a time, villas and castles were the homes of kings, nobles and servants, but now they have become a luxury abode for those who prefer history, tradition, seclusion and luxury. The interiors of the castles have preserved their former decoration: picture galleries, antique furniture, antiques, chandeliers, vases, knight’s armor and bearskins. And in the neighborhood they gave shelter to iPhone-stations, acoustics from Bang & Olufsen, Wi-Fi, TVs and air conditioners. Cows with bells around their necks walk in the meadows outside the window, sports cars are parked in the yard instead of horses, and a yacht is moored at the pier instead of a boat. Live like a king.

It should be noted that renting a villa or castle is quite different from renting a hotel. For example, if you want to rent a villa on Lake Como, it does not mean at all that renting it will allow you to swim. There may not be a beach here, although the contract stated beachfront. If you arrive at night, there is a high possibility that the villa owner will not be able to hand over the keys to you.

RaiSky takes over the entire organization of renting villas, castles and chalets. We will make sure that everything is as you wish before your arrival.

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