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Exclusive route to Orizaba volcano

Climbing program Orizaba Peak – the third highest peak in North America. Its summit is a significant achievement for someone who is looking for the perspectibe of conquering higher and more technical peaks.

  • 8 days
  • No visa needed
  • English
  • from 18 880 € per two people
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What is waiting for you?

Orizaba Peak is part of the “Seven Volcanoes” program. Climbing Orizaba is not only an opportunity to test your strength and climb a large snowy peak, but also a great chance to get acquainted with the culture of such far and interesting Mexico
Mexico City is the third most populated city in the world after Tokyo and Seoul. By the number of attractions, the capital of Mexico is ahead of all the capitals of the world
The National Palace (Palaco Nacional, 1792) was built on the site of the palace of the Aztec emperor Moctezuma. Today the presidential residence and parliament are located here.
"City of Angels" to which a picturesque road leads, is guarded by two active volcanoes Popocatepetl and Istaxihuatl.
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Day 1
  • Mexico City

You will be met at the Mexico City International Airport. Transfer to the hotel by driver, check-in.

After lunch, a sightseeing walking tour of Mexico City, one of the largest metropolitan areas. Elite squares and slums, skyscrapers built using modern technologies, and small mansions – it all creates a unique image of the city of contrasts – Mexico City.

You will go to Zocalo Square, which is an important historical center of the capital. The main monuments of history and architecture are concentrated here: the Cathedral, the National Palace with frescoes by Diego Rivera (provided that the Palace will be open to the public)

Day 2
  • Teotihuacan + Colonial City of Puebla

In the morning you will go to the mysterious Teotihuacan (Teōtīhuacān – the place where the gods were born, or the city of the gods) – the cult center of the civilization of the ancient Indians, striking in its scale and grandeur of buildings. Modern Teotihuacan is a huge archaeological complex, the most famous buildings of which are the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon.

Moving to the Colonial city of Puebla. Hotel check in.Puebla was founded in 1531 by the Spanish conquerors as a trade center between Mexico City and the port of Veracruz, as well as to ensuring the security of the region. Puebla has served as the scene for many of the country’s glorious events.

A picturesque road leads to the “City of Angels”, guarded by two active volcanoes Popocatepetl and Istaxihuatl, the snow-capped peaks of which rush high into the sky. The city will amaze you with its magnificent colonial architecture, historical monuments, including the Rosario Chapel, the monastery of Santo Domingo, the City Cathedral, protected by UNESCO.

Churches and houses decorated with talavera ceramic tiles, landscapes of the surrounding mountains and volcanoes make this city a dream for lovers of beautiful photos and ancient architecture.

But if your main weakness is cuisine, then the “gastronomic capital of Mexico” will not disappoint. Be sure to try the mole poblano sauce, which combines the unsurpassed taste of chocolate and hot chili peppers, as well as the famous stuffed peppers – chiles en nogada (chiles en nogada)

Day 3
  • Замок Шатонеф - охота за трюфелями

Meeting with the instructor.

Checking equipment, signing documents.

Moving to the city of Tlachichuca. Changing the car to a 4X4 jeep for more comfortable movement on mountain roads.

Arrival at the Piedra Grande camp. Hiking for acclimatization up to an altitude of 4600-4700 m.

Dinner at the camp and overnight in tents. Preparing for an early rise, sleep

Day 4
  • Orizaba Peak

Light breakfast and preparation for the ascent, equipment check.

The beginning of the ascent from the base camp to the top of Orizaba.

Reaching the top.

Descent to the base camp.

Arrival at the camp and a light lunch.

Return to the city of Tlachichuka.

Transfer to the city of Puebla and check-in at the hotel


Day 5
  • Puebla – Oaxaca

After breakfast we will continue our way to Oaxaca. The road to this city amazes with picturesque views of the mountains, densely covered with giant cactuses.

An evening walk through Oaxaca city is waiting for you. This city is famous for its colonial architecture, museums and churches, as well as an abundance of colorful handicrafts from textiles, ceramics, wood and metal.

The only place in Mexico where they prepare a 50-degree drink “mezcal”. There are no fashionable resorts or industrial centers of a country. This is real Mexico, where Indian traditions and colonial architecture are combined. In the remote mountainous regions of the state of Oaxaca, still live Indians, whose way of life has not undergone many changes after many thousands of years. Among them there are still healers – “curanderos” who prepare magical potions according to old recipes.There are healers among them – “curanderos” who prepare magical potions according to old recipes.

Walking along the cobbled streets of the city of Oaxaca, you can admire the many churches built in the Baroque style, sit in one of the local cafes, where you can taste the cuisine of the state of Oaxaca, famous throughout the country, buy a real mezcal with “gusano” (beetle larva).

Hotel accommodation, rest.   Visit to the Benedictine monastery of Ambrone or the royal abbey of Brou.  Return to the hotel in Lyon and rest.

Departure for the Beaujolais feast from the hotel Dinner in a tent at the best tables. After the gala dinner meeting with the guide.

You will go to the main square holding torches, where there will be a lazar show and at 12 o’clock at night the first barrel of Beaujolais Nouveau will be opened.

Laser show, torchlight procession and dancing. Return to the hotel at the Hôtel Spa La Cueillette

Day 6
  • Oaxaca - Tequila Tasting - Tehuantepec

After breakfast you will visit one of the local mezcal factories with tasting. By the wish, you will even have the opportunity to taste the caterpillars living inside the maguey stem, which, according to local tradition, are usually put into mezcal. After that, along the mountain roads of the state of Oaxaca, passing by the agave fields, you will move to the city of Tehuantepec.

Hotel accommodation

Day 7
  • Tehuantepec - Canyon de Sumidero (375 km) - San Cristobal de las Casas

In the morning you will go to the Sumidero Canyon, one of the twenty most beautiful canyons in the world. The highest, a thousand meters rising above the ground, mountain cliffs surrounded the most beautiful, one of the largest rivers in Mexico, the Grijalva River, forming a thirty-kilometer canyon del Sumidero.

After a boat trip through the Canyon, you will go to the city of San Cristobal de las Casas, a picturesque colonial town located in a valley surrounded by mountains with coniferous forests. Descendants of the ancient Indians still live in the vicinity of the city. In the evening – free time, which can be used for walking along the old city streets, where the air is saturated with the rich aroma of Chiapas coffee, and visiting numerous shops with products made from jade and local amber.

Accommodation in San Cristobal de las Casas hotel.

Day 8
  • San Cristobal de las Casas - San Juan Chamula - Tuxla Gutierrez - Cancun

We will start this day with a visit to the village of the Maya Tsitsili Indians – San Juan Chamula, located in the vicinity of the city of San Cristobal de las Casas, famous for its church, in which seemingly incompatible Catholic rites and pre-Hispanic paganism are intertwined. Then we will go to the city of San Juan Chamula and we will be able to observe how quickly the surrounding nature can change in Mexico: from coniferous forests to a bewitching subtropical jungle.

Transfer to Tuxtla Gutierrez Airport.

Flight to Cancun. Transfer to your hotel in Riviera Maya

The cost of the program includes:
  • Business class flight by UIA;
  • Private transfer by minivan Mercedes V class from Geneva airport to Lyon and back (150 km);
  • Accommodation at selected InterContinental Lyon hotel, Executive Rhone River View room with breakfast included;
  • Transfer by minivan Mercedes V class;
  • Services of a professional guide according to the program;
  • Medical insurance.
On request
8 days
No visa needed
from 18 800 € per two
The cost of the program does not include:
  • Additional excursions;
  • Food and drinks not specified in the program;
  • Tips;
  • Laundry service.
  • *The host has the right to change the hotels indicated in the program to other hotels of the same category.
  • *The host party reserves the right to change the order of excursions subject to the tour program.
  • * Prices may be changed, the final cost of the tour will be indicated when confirming all services and checking the cost of flights on the date of booking the tour
  • *The host party is not responsible for breakfasts missed in hotels when checking out early in the morning in case of an early flight or excursion
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